CORA Food Pantry: Promotional Video

Frame from a proof of concept video showing 3D building scan overlaid on tabletop augmented with ReliaSolve-designed tracking markers to enable camera tracking across zoom and angle.

Working with Roman Jennings at Lightning Film Productions and others, ReliaSolve helped to produce a promotional video for the Chatham Outreach Alliance (CORA) food pantry to help them raise funding to outfit their new warehouse space.

The video includes a table-top display of a scanned 3D model of the new space to be outfitted, along with animated 3D forklifts and other objects showing the new workflow. This was inset as a visual effect into camera video of a narrator describing the new space.

ReliaSolve provided technical advice and proof of principle approaches for 3D camera tracking (fiducial design, filtering and tracker type selection) and rendering (parameter selection, rendering recipe) along with making rendering resources and 3D printing capabilities available to the project.