360-degree Telepresence

ReliaSolve developed a VR viewer for 360-degree video coming from live or recorded sources. This system can read from local storage or use a network connection to an Aqueti multicamera system using their video API. Implemented in OpenXR, the system can run on Windows or Linux-based VR displays using nVidia GPUs for video decoding.

The viewer can either either cylindrical or high-resolution planar video displays streamed from the remote server. It oversizes and motion-stabilizes the resulting frames to avoid latency-induced motion jitter using an approach similar to the post-rendering fix-up used in VR systems. This works alongside the fix-up to totally remove “swimming” due to head motion that occurs after the location is read but before the remote rendering, transmission, and decompression is complete. Predictive tracking is used to avoid black bands on the edges of the display after motion cause by excessive shift.