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RedBud Labs: Blood Clotting Diagnostics

ReliaSolve co-founded and worked with Redbud Labs to develop control systems and analytical tools to determine clotting time, stiffness, and other characteristics of blood clots in custom microrheometry systems.  Work included writing a Windows-laptop-based prototype control system and then porting it to run in an embedded Linux board within the next-generation Redbud clot analyzer and […]

AQT: Accelerated X-Ray calculations

ReliaSolve worked with Applied Quantum Technologies on a brief project from March-May 2016 to accelerate maximum-likelihood calculations to solve for the objects causing a specific pattern due to Bragg scattering in prototype X-ray screening machines for airport baggage. The original OpenCV-based calculations were several orders of magnitude too slow to be useful in the field.  Through the […]

“Latent” Arduino-based latency tester

The ReliaSolve Github page hosts an open-source Arduino-based latency tester project, Latent.  It includes build instructions, Arduino code, and CMake-buildable projects to estimate the input-device latency and motion-to-photon latency for a VR application. It also includes a CMake-buildable project to estimate the rendering latency (render command to photon) using the Sensics/OSVR RenderManager rendering system. Latent […]

Visual Common Ground

Reliasolve started working with Dr. Robin Murphy, the director of the Center for Robot-Assisted Search and Rescue at Texas A&M University, in June 2015 to develop a Visual Common Ground environment to display 3D terrain models reconstructed from drone fly-overs to provide a space for disaster responders to discuss and plan. The initial goals of this project are: (1) […]

AQT: Ultra-high-resolution video

ReliaSolve became a subcontractor to  Applied Quantum Technologies on a DARPA contract to develop live streaming to multiple observers from their 250-megapixel and higher-resolution cameras.  These cameras have 32 or more microcrameras, each with 1080p or higher resolution, streaming continuously to an ingest cluster.  Multiple clients, each with a 1080p video stream, can pan and zoom in […]

Sensics: Open-Source Virtual Reality

ReliaSolve worked with Sensics on the OSVR project starting in September 2014. This open-source software and open-hardware project the adoption of VR. ReliaSolve worked on the low-latency rendering, device-control, video-based-tracking, predictive tracking, and lens distortion correction subprojects within OSVR.  It also performed latency testing using a custom-built hardware latency tester capable of detecting differences between […]

Aqueti: Multi-camera systems

ReliaSolve started working with Aqueti in July 2014 to help them develop multi-camera systems for sporting events. The image below shows one frame from a 36Q imaging array (this instance had 32 pan/tilt/zoom cameras mounted around a boxing ring).  Click on the image to download a loopable video file showing all 32 views.  The system can produce live video while […]

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